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“They believe it is a thin line separates animal & man,” Samuelson said.  “They hold that some can walk back & forth over that line, here a man, there a beast.”

Ewoyn Ivey


To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey

To the Bright Edge of the World has made me ask “Where is the line between life and beyond life?”  Am I so sure that I am of solid shape, dense and real?  Is there any chance that I am a also a spirit who can move as softly as fog, enveloping those that love me with a tingle and a chill that says “I’m here” even though I’m not. To those I love, I tell you this, Ivey assures me that no matter where I am, I with you. If you think I cannot shape shift, you are wrong. My thoughts form the shapes they must be take to be sure that they help you, advise you, love you, laugh with you, cry with you. Get ready. I am shapeshifting right now. #ReadThisBook #OneNightstand

Today I was proud to represent PACT Miami (People Acting for Community Together) in front of the Dade Delegation to Tallahassee on one of our most important juvenile justice issues. We are asking that the excellent civil citation program that our local police forces have implemented in Miami-Dade be expanded consistently throughout the entire state.

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I already had protesting on my mind when the alarm went off early on a Sunday morning only to hear Krista Tippet interviewing civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis. She titled the episode The Art & Discipline of Nonviolence. I highly encourage you to take a listen. If this is your first time listening to On Being, I guarantee it won’t be your last.

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Once again I have the Peace Corps to thank for making me think differently about the world, but this time it’s a part of the world that’s right next door to me. I just got home from a great day in my beautiful backyard, the Everglades, thanks to the protection of the National Park Service….It was only as I was driving home that I began to realize that a trip to the Everglades is something that struggling inner city families cannot even begin to afford.

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