Basking in the Moonglow

Moonglow by Michael Chabon

I never had much of a chance to get to  know my grandfathers. One was long gone decades before I was born, the other before I was old enough to make my first Communion. Would he have thrown a cat out a window? Met a hermaphrodite? Stolen a canoe to blow up a bridge? Launched a rocket at midnight in a jail yard? Be in jail at all? Hunted a snake with a mallet? Michael Chabon knows all this and more about his grandfather. I’m jealous. #OneNightStand #ReadThisBook


P.S. Selfie with Michael Chabon himself at the Moonglow reading. Where? At Books & Books of course! Is there any other bookstore? Not for me.

Eileen & Michael Chabon at Moonglow reading

Eileen & Michael Chabon at Moonglow reading

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