Community Action

Hurricane Irma taught me that Miami-Dade County needs a different sort of emergency response plan for low income neighborhoods. That plan should include community-based organizations as part of the response. It must acknowledge that the financial burden of preparing for emergencies leaves low income families even more vulnerable. These communities need a more thorough response. A storm shouldn’t allow them to slip further down the economic ladder. 

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People, Get Ready

Rod Stewart

Miami, Get Ready. We have never had the ability to mobilize quickly as a community when something we disagree with happens.  Many friends and like-minded neighbors have told me that they are willing to be ready to stand up against injustice and nonsense – the minute it happens. We are forming a citizen’s Rapid Response Team that can let you know where and when to gather. Thanks for being ready.

Please take a moment to give the Rapid Response team your information here.


Then take a listen to Rod Stewart … and get ready.