Why Do We Have to Teach Parents about Gun Safety?

Because 1.7 million kids live in homes with guns that are loaded and unlocked.

In any other country, there would be no need to implement a training program for parents about gun safety.  But, this is the United States of America where guns are everywhere whether we want them to be or not. That means kids are around them. The Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense group is rolling out their BE SMART training program. I recently attended a session. As they say, kids will be kids and, let me say it again1.7 million American children live in homes with guns that are loaded and unlocked. If a child handles a gun, a bad decision can become a fatal one. Here’s their advice for keeping them safe:

  • Secure all guns in your home and vehicles
  • Model responsible behavior around guns
  • Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes
  • Recognize the risks of teen suicide
  • Tell your peers to be SMART

If it were up to me, I’d tell these parents to get the guns out of their houses all together and fill those gun cabinets with books. As long as there are parents who think unlocked guns in homes are okay, I guess we must remind them to lock them up to keep their kids and their neighbors’ kids safe.

If your PTA or homeowners association would like be receive a 20-minute presentation at their next meeting, visit www.BeSMARTforKids.org and sign up for a training. Find out more about MOMS here.

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